Dog Breeding

Southpointe Pet Hospital has provided assistance to CKC registered breeders since our doors opened. We do not provide reproductive services to non-registered breeders to ensure that we are supporting responsible breeding practices.

How does the clinic help dog breeders and kennels keep their pets healthy?

In addition to supporting responsible breeding, we also provide a high standard of wellness care for our breeding patients. We collect samples for genetic testing and can process various OFA clearances as needed to ensure healthy breeding lines.

What reproductive services do you provide?

We offer progesterone testing to aid in the timing of breeding, and we offer diagnostic imaging (ultrasound and radiographs) for pregnancy diagnosis. Dr. Wendy James offers semen collection and evaluation, shipping of chilled semen, and vaginal artificial insemination. Semen freezing and storage has historically been offered at Southpointe, but this service is being discontinued, and no new samples will be frozen.

Cesarean sections are provided through our hospital. However, if it is needed in an emergency situation, you may be referred to Fish Creek 24Hr Pet Hospital, as we may have difficulty accommodating for emergency surgery with our fully booked schedule.